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FALL 2000
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 Date Speaker and title of seminar

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Whittam - Department of Biology
Title: Emergence of new pathogens: evolution outside the host

 09/07/00 Speaker: Dr. Eric Harvill - Department of Veterinary Science
Title: Comparative genomics of Bordetellae: genetics of emerging human pathogens

 09/13/00 Speaker: Dr. Malia Fullerton - Department of Anthropology and Biology
Title: Polymorphism and divergence at two unlinked human apolipoprotein genes: ApoE and ApoAll

 09/20/00 Speaker: Helen Piontkivska, Jongmin Nam - Department of Biology
Title: The origin and diversifications of the floral MADS-box Genes

 10/04/00 Speaker: Dr. Christopher House - Department of Geosciences
Title: Methane-consuming microbial consortia identified and studied using a novel combination of fluorescent in-situ hybridization and ion microprobe delta 13C analysis