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FALL 2001
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 Date Speaker and title of seminar

Speaker: Dr. Wojciech Makalowski
- Department of Biology
Computational Genomics - Promises and Challenges

 09/12/01 Speaker: Dr. Kazuharu Misawa - Department of Biology
Title: Geometry of phylogenetic estimation

 09/19/01 Speaker: Dr. Jonathan F. Wendel - Department of Botany, Iowa State University
Title: Phylogenetic incongruence: window into genome history and speciation mechanisms

 09/26/01 Speaker: Jongmin Nam - Department of Biology
Title: The origin and diversifications of the floral MADS-box Genes

 10/03/01 Speaker: Dr. Christopher House - Department of Geosciences
Title: Methane-consuming microbial consortia identified and studied using a novel combination of fluorescent in-situ hybridization and ion microprobe delta 13C analysis

 10/10/01 Speaker: Jaime Blair - Department of Biology
Title: Conflicting Views on Early Animal Evolution: Ecdysozoa vs. Coelmata

 10/24/01 Speaker: Liying Cui - Department of Biology
Title: Sequence and Structural Evolution of Chloroplast Genomes - a case study

 10/31/01 Speaker: Dr. Yoshi Suzuki - Department of Biology
Modification of a method for detecting positive selection at single amino acid sites 

 11/07/01 Speaker: Dietmar Schwartz - Department of Entomology
Title: Speciation via hydridization in a diploid bisexual animal? Hybridization is associated with a host shift in Rhagoletis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

 11/14/01 Speaker: Li Hao - Department of Biology
Diversity of Killer cell Ig-like receptors 

 11/28/01 Speaker: Dr. Daniel Cosgrove - Department of Biology
Speculation on the evolution of expansins and mechanisms of plant cell enlargement

 12/05/01 Speaker: Dr. Takeshi Itoh - Department of Biology
Comparative analysis of the human, mustard weed, yeast, and E. Coli genomes