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 Date Speaker and title of seminar

Erin McMullin - Department of Biology
Title: Molecular phylogeny and population genetics of Gulf of Mexico deep sea tubeworms and their symbionts

 01/24/01 Speaker: Dr. Stephen Schaeffer - Department of Biology
Title: The Pattern and Organization of Nucleotide Diversity within the Paracentric Inversions of Drosophila pseudoobscura

 01/31/01 Speaker: Brian Lazzaro - Department of Biology
Title: Gene conversion and long genealogical branches in Drosophila antibacterial peptides

 02/07/01 Speaker: Dr. Hong Ma - Department of Biology
Title: MADS-box gene function in plants: flower development and more

 02/14/01 Speaker: Dr. Mark Shriver - Department of Anthropology
Title: Using admixture to study human biology and disease

 02/21/01 Speaker: Kristi Montooth - Department of Biology
Title: Physiological genetics of flight and metabolic performance in Drosophila: Insights from QTL mapping

 02/28/01 Speaker: Dr. Takeshi Itoh - Department of Biology
Title: Enhanced rates of amino acid substitution in the endosymbiotic bacteria Buchnera from aphids

 03/07/01 Spring Break - No Seminar

 03/14/01 Speaker: Dr. Yoshiyuki Suzuki - Department of Biology
Title: Efficiencies of parsimony-based and likelihood-based methods for detecting positive selection at single amino acid sites

 03/21/01 Speaker: Dr. Hiroshi Akashi - Department of Biology
Title: Metabolic efficiency and amino acid composition in the proteomes of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis

 03/28/01 Speaker: Dr. Blair Hedges - Department of Biology
Title: Human and ape molecular clocks

 04/04/01 Speaker: Alison Bell - Department of Biology
Title: Methylation Patterns in the Promoter Region of the GRPR Gene in Humans

 04/11/01 Speaker: Dr. Ross Hardison - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Title: Divergence in Noncoding, Nonrepetitive Genomic DNA Correlates with Frequency of Interspersed Repeats and A+T Content in Mammals

 04/18/01 Speaker: Helen Piontkivska - Department of Biology
Phylogenetic Relationships and Divergence Times of MHC Class I Loci in Primates

 04/25/01 Speaker: Dr. James Marden - Department of Biology
A Phylogenetic Survey and Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Stonefly Surface Skimming: What These Data Tell Us about the Origins of Insect Flight

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